Our Process

One Team.
One Objective.

Our phased approach ensures client satisfaction at every level. 




Advantes helps you establish initial parameters for your project scope and budget. Together, we’ll evaluate the viability of your project with regards to your goals.

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Concept Design


You’ll receive initial design options with three-dimensional renderings, along with a concept estimate to make sure we’re on the right path. 

Construction Detailing


Your design is finalized through material selection assistance, detailed drawing sets, work scopes and elevations that include your final selections. Our bid procurement process then ensures we have a fully vetted project that accounts for all details and provides us with a highly accurate construction budget.

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Details are locked in, bids and selection quotes are signed, and the project is ready to commence. Throughout this phase, you can track budget and timeline progress through our interactive client portal.

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Let’s Work Together.


Smart, stylish and efficient design can make a difference in the way you do business.