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Riverfront Redevelopments Go Residential

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

With the transformation of the historic Peper Building, Advantes is bringing luxury living options to Laclede’s Landing.

Laclede’s Landing - the historic hub of St. Louis business and transit - is now home to nearly 50 luxury living spaces. This development is courtesy of a $12 million renovation of the former Metro Transit headquarters by Advantes.

The project is the first multi-family residential development in the area, with three floors dedicated to living space. All units will make the most of historic building features, while still accommodating a modern lifestyle with updated amenities and design.

The lower levels of the structure will provide commercial space, which reflects the existing blend of businesses and attractions in the area. The Laclede’s Landing Community Improvement District has already spoken out in support of the development, noting that it brings a new dimension to the city’s only riverfront entertainment and dining destination.

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