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Image by Dave Webb

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At Advantes Development, the properties we develop have a history we respect and celebrate, as we restore their relevance to St. Louis. We know the true value of a living or working space goes beyond square footage and location. It’s in the preservation of its unique architecture and character, and the integration of thoughtful design and finishes—elements that elevate the aesthetic of our properties, and the experience of living and working within them.


Peper Lofts

16 months construction, completed Early 2021, 84000 SF Residential and Commercial Space

Built at the end of the 19th century to support the growing tobacco industry in St. Louis, the Christian Peper building once stored valuable leaves prior to processing. Today, the structure has been updated and enhanced to offer views of the Mississippi River and iconic Gateway Arch. Blending the best of our city’s history with modern touches, the Peper Lofts building showcases warm, welcoming living spaces and spacious layouts, upscale amenities and thoughtful finishes.

Paincourt Lofts

8 months construction, completed Fall 2022, 11,072 SF, Residential and Commercial Space

To come.


Greeley Lofts

14 months construction. Expected completion Summer of 2023, 64,105 SF, Residential and Commercial Space

Hoffman Lofts

14 Months construction.  Expected completion Fall of 2023. 34,099 SF, Residential and Commercial space

To come.

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